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            Company profile


            宇诺随着实力不断壮大,如今已成为电线电缆、插头插座、连接器、塑料检测仪器供应商之一。我公司还为顾客提供专业、贴心的售后服务,安装调试完后,派技术工程师对相关的技术人员进行免费售前售后全程技术培训、24小时随叫随到等全方位、全天候、多维化、优质化的服务,真正做到“台湾品质、本土价格、优质服务 ”。



            Suzhou Ulux Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in R&D, production, sales and after-sales services of inspection equipment. Since the establishment of ULUX, adhering to the service concept of "professional, accurate and rapid providing the most cost-effective overall laboratory solution for clients", with the goal of “build a first-class laboratory for our clients", after several years of unremitting efforts, completing the cross and transform from equipment manufacturer to the entire service system supplier, and dedicated to offer overall laboratory solution for clients: From the laboratory pre-construction planning and design → construction, installation, commissioning of the overall laboratory supporting system → type selection, installation and debugging, training of laboratory analytical instruments → the overall solution of laboratory maintenance, repair, spare parts supply.

            With the growing of Ulux, it is one of the largest manufacturers that supplies wires and cables, plugs and sockets, connectors, plastic testing instruments at present. Our company also provide customers with professional, caring after-sales services, after completing the installations and commissioning, arrange engineers to train the related technical personnel about the before and after sales technical training for free, 24 hours on call service with all-round, all-weather, multidimensional, and high-quality, truly "Taiwanese quality, domestic prices, qualified service."

            Our main products are involved in electrical performance test, combustion test, mechanical performance test, temperature and humidity environmental reliability test etc., five classifications, over 100 varieties. Applicable industries: wires and cables, plastic, rubber, shoes, leather, metals, building materials, textiles, packaging, plastic bags, toys, etc.; all products are produced according to the standards, in line with UL, CSA, VDE, CCC, GB, ASTM, JIS, ISO, BS, SATRA, CIE, ANSI, EN, DIN and other test standards.

            Our enterprise wins a broad of users and markets with the most refined technology, the best quality, the most attentive service, the products are pretty popular all over the country, as well as Asia, Europe and the Americas. Typical clients: Haier, Midea, Suning Appliance, FOXCONN, Amphenol, ASUS, ITT, KDK, BizLink, PRIMAX, FRIWO, DESAY, VOLEX and other more than 4,000 companies.


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